Frequently Asked Questions

Temptation Grand FAQ's

Our au naturel concept gives you the option to go topless or nude, if you choose. The clothing optional areas are at the play rooms, pool and Jacuzzi Lounge. Clothing or cover-ups are required in all other public areas throughout the property, including the beach. Our guests are mature and sophisticated, with a “live and let live,” no pressure philosophy, both of which are key to enjoying our unique concept and non-stop party.

Temptation Grand Resort is committed to maintaining a unique couples-only atmosphere; for this reason, only couples are permitted in the playroom, as well as our Jacuzzi Lounge.

No. Sex is permitted only in the Jacuzzi Lounge and playroom, but it is prohibited in all other public areas.

No. Drinks are available 24 hours a day even without food intake.

International premium alcoholic beverages, fine house wines, beer, and refreshments.

Due to the nature of our concept, taking photos and videos in public areas is prohibited; however, you may take photos or video in the privacy of your room.

Temptation Grand Resort and our au naturel concept grant you and your partner the opportunity to enjoy an intimate holiday as a couple. If you would like to experience our sister resort, Temptation Miches, you can purchase a day or night pass for an additional fee.

The resort is more than happy to take Room Requests. Please note that the resort cannot guarantee any specific room number, floor or building; however, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes, all outdoor areas are smoking and all indoor areas are non-smoking. In the rooms, smoking is just allowed on the balconies.

Yes, we have different dress codes. Please go to our Restaurants section or Click here.

Laundry service is available at an additional charge.

We offer complimentary Wi-Fi internet access.

Round-trip transportation to and from PUNTA CANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (PUJ) is available, but under some of our promotions, it is absolutely FREE to you! Check the special deals section or call us at (866) 590-8367 for more information.