Temptation Grand Resort Lounges

Temptation Grand, offers 4 lounges to quinch your thirst throughout the day.

It’s always happy hour at Temptation Grand! At this luxurious property, there are six bars to enjoy your favorite cocktail or refreshing beverage of choice, providing beverage service around the clock.


This bar is a high-energy hotspot for couples to gather each night. Melange will offer cocktails that you choose while offering an atmosphere that will entice every couple. Our master-mind mixologists work their magic to make everything just right! Open 24 hours.

Swim Up Bar Clothing Optional

Make your way over to our sexy swim up bar, just a few strokes away from the action. You don't have to worry about missing out on the action and fun that the PLaymakers will offer because you can grab a cocktail and get in on the action, let us take care of guest satisfaction.

Y Nightclub and Playroom

Theme Night Attire Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care! At our nightclub, heated bodies and throbbing beats allow our Djs to seep you and your partner off your feet. In the privacy of the Playroom, located inside the Y Nightclub, you can truly let your passion free. The intimate Playroom area is exclusive to couples only.

Jacuzzi Bar

A discreet clothing optional aquatic oasis of the sexiest kind, serving up all of the favorite beverages you have in mind. At the Jacuzzi Bar you decide how wild or mild you want to dress. IF clothing-optional is the way you like to go, the Jacuzzi Bar is where you want to get your cocktails made.